We couldn’t believe it when we discovered that our new home was only a 10 minute drive away from a CBD farm, how cool is that! The owner of the company and master grower is from Holland which meant G was able to befriend him instantly with the Dutch language that they have in common, along with their shared passion for the plant.

We have both gained so much knowlege from this man, he knows so much about the plants medicinal secrets. He has helped so many people overcome their illnesses and chronic disorders like epilepsy AND he cured his own skin cancer in just 42 days using his High Terpene Full Spectrum products. Amazing! We now swear by his cannabis extracts and use them to replace pain killers, anti-imflammatories, anti-biotics, antiseptic cream, burn cream and mosquito bite treatment. But it can be used for so much more than that and there are no harmful side effects. Did you know that nobody in history has EVER died of a cannabis overdose? It is actually impossible.


CBD is one of over a hundred known cannabinoids found in the chemical make up of the cannabis plant. It is not physcoactive like the other well known cannabinoid, THC. CBD is known for its medicinal benefits and does not get you high. CBD has been legalised rapidly accross many countries in europe over the last few years for medicinal purposes as long as the THC % is below 0.3%.


Just like us humans, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system and can greatly benefit from this wonderfully natural medicine.

Below is a handful of issues that can be improved and a lot of the time, cured with a supplement of High Terpene Full Spectrum cannabis oil.

1. PAIN CBD is an amazing painkiller. I burned myself on the oven the other day and it was so sore. I rubbed some oil directly onto the burn and the pain was gone instantly. I also take it orally for headaches and cramps and it works wonders. Your dog may have chronic pain from an illness which can easily be managed with CBD in the same way.

2. ANXIETY Is your dog a nervous wreck whenever there is a thunderstorm? Or maybe its fireworks or even just being left alone that sets them off… There are a number of situational and behavioral reasons a dog might have anxiety and they can all be helped with CBD due to its natural ability to create serotonin in the body, a natural mood stabilizer. Serotonin also known as the happy hormone, which is why it is also a great treatment for depression in humans.

3. ATHRITIS Apparently 1 in 4 dogs suffers with arthritis! As CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory it can have really amazing results with treating athritis and it also helps a lot with the pain. My mum and my grandma both suffer with arthritis and have been using the cbd oil from CBD Spain for a few months now and have said it has helped so much. They like to rub the oil directly onto the areas which are bad but it can also be given orally to dogs which works even better.

4. SEIZURES There are a lot of studies for using CBD to treat seizures in humans and it has proved very effective. Seizures in dogs are not uncommon, and there is a little research to say that it does help. But if your dog suddenly has a seizure, dropping a little CBD in their mouth definitely wouldn’t hurt! I have seen so many videos of humans having seizures and then almost instantly they stop after someone gives them the drops.

5. CANCER Like with seizures there has been very little research done on the use of CBD for dogs with cancer. However, there were tests done that suggest that dogs undergoing chemotherapy could benefit from the natural anti-nausea effects. *

*Disclaimer – I am not a doctor so nothing I have said should be taken as professional medical or health advice.


CBD Spain is an organic CBD farm with owners who have a real passion for their clients health and have been producing their high quality extracts since 2010. They use a very special low temperature method of extraction which enables them to produce a High Terpene Full Spectrum oil. This is so important for the medicinal benefits to work their best and they are one of only a few companies in Europe to use this method.

If you want to try out any of their products you can order online direct from their website and you can use code INDI10 to get 10% off. Click the link below to shop CBD.**

**Please note that you may need to make payment by bank transfer unless you have Bancontact, Giropay, iDeal or Sofortbanking. But it is very straight forward you will be sent the bank details by email and then you will need to make a transfer from your bank account with the correct amount and order number. Let me know if you have any issues.

What are your thoughts on CBD? Is it easily accessable where you are? Let me know in the comments! x

2 thoughts on “IS CBD GOOD FOR YOUR DOG?

  1. At first there were plenty of CBD shops, when it had just become legal. Now the hype is a bit over and all of those shops have disappeared again.. We tried it with Peluche, it was some kind of powder that we got from the vet but he still went bonkers at my dad and when we left the house.. :p


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