Pupdate! We adopted Margo, our foster puppy! It didn’t take very long to decide she was a keeper. There were so many things that made it feel like it was meant to be, there was no way we could let her go to a new family. She had already been abandoned once and then in another foster home before we were asked to take her. So on Monday we made it official and signed the paperwork.

Look at her passport photo, isn’t she the cutest thing! Her date of birth is the 15th June which is the same date we found Lady in a bush with her puppies 2 years ago, coincidence?

What’s even more of a strange coincidence is that one of Lady’s puppies that died before I found them was a girl that had such a similar coat to Lady and also to Margo. Apparently, she is a Belgian Malinois cross and I always thought Lady might have some Malinois in her, maybe that is why they look so similar.

The other dogs have really treated her like part of the family too. Baby plays with her the most and they act like sisters but Indi and Lady also love to play and take care of her like they are her parents, just like how they were when Baby was a puppy.

She is 3 months old today and I think she has doubled in size since we got her just over 3 weeks ago! I am so happy she has joined our family, she is the perfect fit!

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