Get to know a bit about all the doggies in the pack…


Indi was the first dog that we adopted here in Spain. He is a Spanish Mastiff (Mastin Español) and was about 9 months old when we found him roaming the countryside all alone. He is super affectionate, calm and loyal.


A couple of months after finding Indi we found Lady and her 6 puppies . She was a stray that we would always see near to our house but she was too fast to catch until she had babies and really needed our help. We are pretty sure Indi fathered some of these puppies as one of them was a spitting image of him and we had seem them together a few times leading up to this.


Baby is one of the Lady’s puppies that we decided to keep as she was a beautiful mix of Indi and Lady (her 5 brothers were adopted by friends in the neighbourhood). She is my heart dog. She is not the easiest dog, or the most well behaved but we have such a special connection. I fell in love with her when she was just a day old and she has been by my side almost every day since.


Margo came into our life after a couple of months of volunteering at an animal shelter. She was found by the shelter when she was 3 weeks old, she was all alone. She went to a foster home and when she 2 months old we were asked if we could take over fostering her as her current carer had to fly back to England for a while. She was the most adorable little puppy, how could we say no. As soon as we saw how well she fitted in with the other dogs we decided to make it official and adopt her too.

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