If you have big dogs like mine, you might be wondering if macrame leashes are strong enough for your dog…

I found that many macrame leashes for sale online were made ideally for small dogs and I knew that they would be far too dainty for mine, which are large breed rescues and are a mix of Spanish Mastiff and Belgian Malinois (we think). Three of them are around 50kg (110lb) and Margo, who is our 7 month old rescue pup in the pic below, she is around 25kg (55lb).

I fell in love with the Boho Chic style of the macrame leashes and wanted to design a leash for my pups that is strong enough to hold them back when they pull and also made using sustainable, plastic-free materials. I decided to use a strong 3-ply 5mm recycled cotton rope instead of the usual 3mm cord. Four of these ropes are then knotted together to form a strap which is durable, naturally elastic, soft and lightweight, making it the perfect stylish, sustainable, and safe accessory for your pup.

I tested my design on all of my dogs and have continued to use them for the past year and not once have they ever failed me.


Using eco-friendly materials is very important to me. The cotton that I use is made by Bobbiny. They are an eco-friendly company that make all of their cords using recycled cotton.

The recycling materials from which the yarn is made are both production waste from factories and consumers in the form of used clothes and other cotton textiles.

Colours in order from top left: Natural, Pearl, Sand, Blush, Mustard and Sunset

Also, they do not use any dyes! They shred the cotton in various colours and then it is mixed in specific proportions in order to achieve the desired shade. Neither water nor toxic chemicals are involved with the production and they try to minimize energy consumption as much as possible and reduce CO2 emissons.

Another great thing is that they are also OEKO-TEX certified which means that there were tested at every production level and do not contain any substances that are harmful for our health. They may be safely used in products for toddlers, people with allergies and also pups!

They guarentee that their products are free from all harmful substances e.g. pesticides, chlorophenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, forbidden azo dyes and extractable heavy metals.


The hardware that I have chosen for my new line of macrame leashes are from Pet Hardware, they are the biggest e-shop with saddlery fittings in Europe.

The clip is a 66mm long antique brass spring snap which is made from a zinc die casting and has a breaking load of 166kg (366lb).

The ‘Kaya’ Leash in Mustard

I thought, how cute would it be if we could match our accessories to our pups leash and collar? Super cute! I made keychains, earrings, car charms, headbands, wristlets & more to mix and match.

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