One of the first places we went exploring after we moved into our finca in the Andalusian countryside was El Chorro. We found out about it through a neighbour who told us about these beautiful blue lakes only about a 45 minute drive away. It is famously known as the Lake District of Spain and is located near Álora. We weren’t sure if it was a suitable place to bring a dog or not so we decided to go just the two of us to scope it out first.

As we drove up to El Chorro we saw the lakes start to appear on the left hand side. Stunningly beautiful blue water, so calm and peaceful. We pulled into a layby on the side of the main road and parked up. We walked down a steep hill and found this little spot at the bottom and there was no one else there. Look how pretty it is!

After hanging out by the water for a bit we went back up to the car and found a nice restaurant nearby with an amazing view of the lake below called El Mirador Ardales. We were able to get a table out on the balcony overlooking the water, which was suprising as it was so busy! We definitely wanted to come back and visit with the dogs at some point!

The second time we visited El Chorro we took Baby with us. We would love to take all three of the dogs but they don’t all fit in our car! We only have a little Clio and three giant dogs is just one too many. We could fit two of them in, but then that would mean one is left home alone, so this is our solution until we get a bigger car. We are planning to get a van at some point so we can travel with the dogs, and El Chorro will be the perfect place to visit when we do.

We took Baby down to the same spot we were at before and again, there was nobody else there. There are other areas where there were lots of cars and vans parked up and even people swimming. Too cold for us that day though, I couldn’t even get Baby to go in.



The Caminito Del Rey is a narrow pathway over 4 miles long that hangs to the side of the mountain and is almost 100 metres high in some places. This is not a walking trail to do with your dogs and we are still yet to do it. It is definitely on the to-do list though! You can book your visit in advance by clicking here, which is recommended. It is 18 euros per person and can get booked up until a month in advance.


I know some of you LOVE to take your doggy kayaking or paddle boarding! This is the place for you! I love kayaking but have never done it with the dogs before. If you don’t have your own you can hire from this location Alquiler de Hidropedales y Kayak Bahía.


There are so many beautiful hiking trails in this area. I like to use the app Wikiloc, you can use it anywhere in the world and it shows you all recording hiking trails in the area. It gives you all the info about the trail including the distance, the time it takes, difficulty levels etc. and you can see everyone elses photos from the route. I find it so handy!

Have you ever been to El Chorro before? What was something you did there? Let me know in the comments below.

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